Magic Power of Prayer

Uttered prayers, it seems that they can help the sick, as revealed in the study. Especially if praying does it, being close to those for whose health he worries. Researchers from Indiana University, led by professor of theology Candy Gunther Brown, watched the efficacy of healing prayer, uttered near the sick. The object of their interest are people who have problems with hearing and vision. The researchers checked how many of these prayers after the improved vision and hearing patients. The study was conducted in Brazil and Mozambique. 25 subjects participated, 14 of them claimed to have hearing problems, and 11 others that are blind. For a more accurate fix the results of the audiometer was used because the researchers did not want to rely on a simple statement about the patients that they felt better. The study found that two patients with a hearing problem improved the quality of hearing, and in three patients got better vision. Data from this study is slightly vague. As has already questioned the accuracy of atheists. President of the National secular community in the U.S. by Terry Sanderson said: This is a very questionable study based on a completely indeterminate results, testing which is impossible. Without prejudice to the merits of prayer, for example, a massage - an ancient, proven tool that has a lot of techniques that can have beneficial effects on various organs, read the Treatment with prostate massage. Of course, it will not all diseases, and will not remove all the symptoms, Encyclopedia of Womens Health: Illnesses associated with eating disorders worth reading, but first listen to the best medical advice.

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